Nimble Group has, established in 1993, along with its formal entry into the field of livelihood residential development in 1998, become a well-known comprehensive enterprise group nationwide after two decades of consistent development, which covers diversified businesses including livelihood residence, construction engineering, urban renewal, living service, hospitality and commercial operation, cultural tourism development, and quality education.



Given the size by now, Nimble is colossal, with a total asset of over 100 billion yuan, a developed gross floor area for all property types of nearly 50 million square meters and a work force of 20000 plus, let alone the annual sales volume reaching 51.00 billion yuan in 2020.

Under the faith of “Life is beautiful when working with your heart”, Nimble Group, as a comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns in the new era, has developed a diversified business structure, which is mainly based on the three advantageous businesses including livelihood residence, construction engineering and living service, and partially based on hospitality development, commercial operation and quality education. In the meantime, cultural tourism industry, long-rent apartment, urban renewal and smart home industry will be regarded as the new leverage point for business, in order to provide people with better life while insisting on high quality development.

By firm implementation of the national strategies of new-type urbanization, continuous cultivation in the Pearl River Delta, positive integration into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and steady expansion across the whole country, Nimble has a good foresight in selection of principal cities with high population density and promising industrial development, as well as putting close focus on potentially important regions of urban planning and the main business model of development of land by tracts and hence bringing along the development of relevant local industries and services. And it has gradually formed of four product series which cover features of urban boutique residence, CBD commerce, urban complex, and cultural tourism and vacation, together with the successful build-up of over 130 successful boutique projects under the brands of ”Splendid” and ”Nimble” respectively. Furthermore, it has so far acquired a reasonable coverage of key cities in Pearl River Delta, West and East Guangdong, as well as many cities in Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hainan, Tianjin, Guizhou, Henan and Inner Mongolia respectively, and hence achieved the strategic layout by considering Pearl River Delta as the base point and radiating itself nationwide in good order.

Over the past 20 years, Nimble Group has always focused on the people’s better life experience, by means of improvement of product quality, active development of intelligent engineering and property management, to consolidate continuously the three main advantageous businesses and enhance the harmonious integration of multi-format and multi-supporting services including hotel, commerce and education. Simultaneously, it has established an ecosystem of the whole industrial chain service for diversification development, through the exploration of innovation models of cultural tourism, long-rent apartment, urban renewal and smart home in the new era, to stimulate the new vitality of urban economy and create a better life for people.

With outstanding performance and comprehensive strength, the brand value of Nimble Group has gained high recognition in the market and continuous promotion. It has been successively honored as the "Guangdong Top 20 Credit-worthiness Real Estate Developers" since 2008 and the "China Top 100 Real Estate Developers" since 2013 respectively, together with whose seat among the “South China Top 10 Brand Value Real Estate Developers”, proving itself to be one of the China’s large-scale comprehensive real estate developers. The construction company of the Group has, with the First Class Qualification for National Construction Engineering Enterprise, secured the seat for the “China Top 500 Construction Enterprises” for years in a row, and been awarded the “2014 China Construction Gold Brick - Top 10 Most Competitive Enterprises”; while the property management company of the same has, with the First Class Qualification for National Property Management Service Enterprise, won the prizes of both the “China Top 100 Property Management Service Enterprises” and the “Leading Chinese Characterized Property Management Service Enterprises – Star Grade Service” for a second consecutive year. But beyond that, the two urban complex projects have, in the names of Minjie City of Zhaoqing and Nimble Golden Coast of Yangjiang, been honored respectively with prizes of the “10th China Golden Plate” and the “3rd China Real Estate Design”, by virtue of outstanding architectural design concept and professional operation and development capability.

Never forget its roots, and stay true to the missions. Nimble has, on the back of great success, neither forgotten its duty nor escaped its corporate social responsibility, thereby devoting itself to the national strategy of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization and various charity-and-public-welfare activities, and repaying the society. In the 2011 – 2013 period, there was a fund invested gradually by itself of some 185 million yuan for the aid, under whose deep engagement, in the impoverished mountainous area of northern Zengcheng, Guangzhou, where the livelihood projects had, including the comprehensive improvement for Dongsheng Village, the famous village construction of Shangjiubei Village, the demolition of old Paitan Town Nursing Home and reconstruction of new one, and the donation for retailing shops’ build-up and rental return from leaseback, been undertaken in good order. In June 2019, it contributed 250 million yuan to give all-out support to Guangdong's poverty alleviation and rural revitalization at the event of Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day. In early 2020, Nimble spared no effort in swiftly supporting anti-epidemic work by providing donations and materials amounted to 13 million yuan and creating a fund to fight the novel pneumonia epidemic, and continued to offer assistances of limited medical and living supplies to hospitals and citizens in Hubei and Guangdong. And it has donated a total amount of 960 million yuan covering fields of poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education, healthcare, culture, sport and etc to date.

Enter a new era, and start a new journey. In the course of looking forward to the future, Nimble Group will overcome all difficulties and press ahead. And it will, regarding the fulfilment of the people's need for better life in the new era as its own duty, create a way of better urban lifestyle and boost people's living happiness, as to achieve the goals with great efforts for regional economic growth, urban sustainable development and people's better life.              


Comprehensive service provider for
better cities and towns in new era continue to
work for high-quality development,
and promote the upgrading of people's better life.