Greatness of China, Beauty of Land, Rise of Grand Power and Prosperity of Nation, are what we have been proud of!

Nimble Group has arisen and become gradually larger and stronger under the momentum achieved in the reform and opening up. Following the pace of China's development of new-type urbanization, we have been committed to making unremitting efforts to satisfy the people's better life with our initial aspiration of "Life Is Beautiful When Working With Your Heart ".

Upholding the enterprise spirit of “Quick Thinking, Rapid Action",  Nimble has, for over 20 years, worked steadily and made solid progress in its diversification and scale development, with proactive vision and innovative philosophy. And it has actively integrated into the buildup of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, on the basis of Pearl River Delta, and radiated strategically across the country, hence becoming a well-known comprehensive enterprise group nationwide, which covers diversified businesses of residential construction for people’s livelihood, urban renewal, living service, hotel and commercial operation, property leasing, cultural tourism development and quality education, and is ranked among the China Top 100 Real Estate Developers for seven consecutive years.                

As our entry into the new era, not only are we strivers, we are also dream-seekers. Standing on a new starting point for high-quality development of China's economy, we shall keep running and striving hard, display solid principles of "integrity management, win-win cooperation” to create value for customers, future for employees, benefits for shareholders and wealth for the society, thus leading a better way of living in China. Meanwhile, we will continue to move forward on the path of charity and public welfare, return benefits to society, and participate actively in national strategies such as targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization to assume the responsibilities of a large enterprise.

New era calls on new journey! In the face of complex, ever-changing international situation and market competition environment, I firmly believe that Nimblers will forge ahead and create new glories for Nimble. Under the guidance of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we will be the practicable creators and promoters of better life rather than seeking something unreality and becoming empty idealism, for the purpose of the contribution to the sustainable development of economy, environment, and society.