Nimble Splendid Plaza

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108 Fuyou Road,Licheng Street,Jinzhu Newtown,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou,Guangdong


Nimble Splendid Plaza is the first commercial complex project of Nimble Group with a overall floorage of 120,000 m2, including commercial streets, apartments and shopping malls, with 58,000 m2 for shopping centers.

Nimble Splendid Plaza enjoys advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, providing an underground parking lot with over 1,000 parking spaces. There are stations for Metro line 21 and multiple bus routes within 1 kilometer, as well as over 100,000 residents and many communities, including Jin Xiu International City, Jinzhu Homeland, Licheng Country Garden, and developments from Agile, Living Wisdom of Orient and other high-quality communities within 2 kilometers.

Positioned as “Neighborhood Center” for family customer group within 2  kilometers as core service, Nimble Splendid Plaza is a shopping center integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment,education and children's development centers, where such brands as China Film Baina International Cinema (Cinema) and Zhengge (Hakka dishes), Yuandian Sunshine Fitness, Watsons, KFC, Adidas have opened, followed by more major brands such as: Starbucks, HeyKingdom (Children's entertainment).


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