Nimble Conviviality Golden Coast

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MinJie Avenue, Xueliu Bay, Hailing Island, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province


Nimble Conviviality Golden Coast, as a cultural tourism scenic spot established within Nimble Golden Coast, is located in Miles Silver Beach Scenic Belt of Yangjiang Hailing Island Experimental Zone, with a planned total area of about 15,000 mu. As a large-scale high-quality comprehensive vacation and leisure resort built by tens of billions yuan and integrating tourism, investment, old-age care, leisure, business and residence. The scenic spot faces the South China Sea and is surrounded by three mountains, and is close to Miles Silver Beach with excellent tourist conditions.

The 50,000㎡ world-class crystal lake built in Nimble Conviviality Golden Coast Scenic Spot consists of four areas: children's water stockade, lake swimming area, riding amusement park, and parent-child amusement park. The project also creates a splendid visual feast masterpiece of "South China beach rainbow theme light show", with modern visual effects such as sound, light and electricity combining together with music, rainbow and other elements to present a colorful "rainbow bay" coastal spectacle of up to half a kilometer. The beach club has created a number of rich recreational experience items, including maze, soccer, volleyball, motor boat, flying fish boat, segway, traction paddle, sea water skiing and sea sightseeing boat, etc. All day long, enthusiastic Pattaya hula dances and exotic aboriginal dances will flash in the scenic area at any time, bringing tourists exotic cultural experiences. There are also top-level cultural and tourism projects in the park, such as seaside commercial food street, seascape villa-style bar street, all-day fusion restaurant, seascape music bar, indoor children's paradise, and chess and card room, etc.

Nimble Conviviality Golden Coast Scenic Spot will unveil a new chapter of coastal holiday tourism and become a unique charming and colorful coastal holiday resort in Western Guangdong. Look forward to your visit and reflection.


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