Nimble Group cooperates with the well-known global chains of hospitality management company such as Marriott International Group and Hilton Hotels Group to create several star hotels.

Nimble Group cooperates with world famous hotel management groups --such as Marriott International Group, Hilton Hotels Group, to jointly create several star hotels. Currently Hilton Panyu  Guangzhou, Sheraton Zhaoqing Hotel, Four Points by Sheraton Hailing Island, Hilton Zhongshan Nanlang Hotel, Double Tree by Hilton Zhongshan Nanlang, Zhongshan Nanlang Hot Springs Resort, and Hilton Resort Hailing Island are under preparation.

Nimble Group has cooperated with a number of top design companies on hotel projects to promote the internationalization of its hotel image and service standardization that injects more worthwhile vitality into Nimble's branding.

At present, Nimble’s hotels have spreaded to: Guangzhou, Sanya, Zhaoqing, Zhongshan, Yangjiang and other cities. In the future, Nimble’s hotels will as always continue to provide customers with multi-dimensional value of diversified services and rich experience through matching products and services.



    • Hilton Panyu  Guangzhou
    • Four Points by Sheraton Yangjiang Hailing Island
    • Hilton Resort Yangjiang Hailing Island
    • Sheraton Zhaoqin Hotel
    • Hilton Zhongshan Nanlang Hotel
    • Double Tree by Hilton Zhongshan Nanlang
    • Hailing Island Hot Springs
    • Zhongshan Nanlang  Hot Springs