• Movie Themed Birthday Party in July

    At 5pm of 24 July, the first movie themed birthday party of Nimble Group was held in China Film Weibang International Cinema. There were more than 60 employees whose birthdays are in this month gathered together to watch the newly released film named "Dying to Survive". Popcorn, cola, birthday cake and the wonderful film were presented to them subsquently.

    Miss Peng, one of attendees from Financial Management Center, said that this special and unforgetable gift bring her a home-like feeling  from the Group and happiness outside of work. She continued that she was touched by the humanistic care of the corporate, and made best wishes to the Group and willing to embrace a brighter future with the Group.    

  • Painting Themed Birthday Party in November

    At 4:30pm of 27 November, paiting themed birthday party was held as scheduled in the training room of the headquarter, aiming to offer employees whose birthdays are in this month to experience a journey of art by way of the colorful paintings.

    Delicate Korean style bonquets and colorful indoor settings presented the attendees a lively birthday party.

    Several painting mentors from CAFA were invited to explian color matching and painting skills to the attendees which fully realized their initiative in paiting. Then, they started to pain their own ones like starry sky, autumn scenery, sunshine and so on. After finished painting, everyone join together to take a group photo with their artworks.

  • Clay Music Box Themed Birthday Party in December

    In the afternoon of 25 December, the employees whose birthdays fall in this month gathered together to have their birthday party themed clay music box which is organized by Corporate Culture Department. A clay specialist was invited to teach them how to make a clay music box.

    Under the explanation and demonstration of the specialist, the attendees made their own unique music box after rolling out, dragging, shaping and coloring, bringing them back to their childhood of "playing with mud".

    Many employees who came late from work also made their craftworks. There were more than 70 attendees joined the birthday party, sharing the birthday cake and happiness and taking group photos as well, all of them are looking forward to a prosperous new year.

  • Baking Themed Birthday Party in September

    In the afternnon of 29 September, baking themed birthday party was held in the canteen for the employees whose birthdays fall in this month.

    The canteen furnished with flowers, fruits and cakes was full of joy and laughter. The baking mentors taught more than 70 attendees how to make a dumpling made of glutinous rice, starting from shaping to demolding.

    The attendees finally made a lot of desserts of shapes and received many blessings from each other.

  • Employees Whose Birthdays are in June Received Anonther Special Birthday Greetings

        Following the first successful birthday party held for employees by the Group in May, the second employee birthday party was organized by Corporate Culture Department on the 2nd floor of the canteen in the afternoon of 20 June. Decorating with colorful balloons, warm and romantic flowers and tablecloth coupled with lots of fruits and snacks and setting the smooth jazz background song of "Happy Birthday", the scene gave the attendees triple visual, gustative and auditory joys.

        In the future, the birthday party will be hold in varied ways to let employees feel that they are being taken seriously by the Group and work well in an atmosphere of joy and harmony.


  • Nimble Sports Accosocations Tentatively Run

    Taking "Build up Body, Improve Health, Serve Country and the People" as its slogan, China has always been taking sports very seriously. For the purpose of improving the health and enriching the sparetime life of of the emplyees, Corporate Culture Department restarted 8 sports associations including football, basketbal, badminton, parkour, yoga, dancing, swimming and photography. This incentive would be tentatively run in the headquarter, and wil be promoted to all projects in 2019.

    There are more than 700 members among those associations, which has held more than 30 activities so far. Wherein, Badminton Association has taken part in "Kohler Cup" Badminton League and "Focus Media Cup" Badminton League of real estate industry on behalf of the Group. Moreover, key management also participated daily activies of those associations for many times.

    The establishment of sports associations provided employees with more chances to take exercises and communication with each other, and to enhance the team spirit and improve work efficiency.

  • Nimble Group Organized Mountain Climbing Activities

    The activities "Mountain Climbing in Chongyang Festival" comes at the appointed time every year, where staff of Nimble prayed for a much better future by way of climbing mountains.

    There were more than 5100 employees from headquarter and regions of Panyu, Zhongshan, Yangjiang, Sichuang etc. took part in this activities. Wherein, the mountain climbing activity of headquarter and Panyu region was held in the evening of 16 Octomber.

    Looking back the past, Nimble has achieved a big success by its hardworking, and we hope the Group has a brighter future and greater success.


  • A Special Gift for International Women's Day - Corporate Culture Department Organized a Series of Themed Activties for International Women's Day

    On 8 March, known as the International Women's Day, Corporate Culture Department organized a series of activities to express the appreciation and blessings from the Group.

    It is reported that all the female employees have received their special gifts at this day and had opportunity to take group photos with other female colleagues.