Recognized for Its Steady Development, Nimble Group is Re-Conferred the “Best 10 of South China Real Estate Developers Brand Value”


“The 2019 China Real Estate Brand Value Appraisal Outcomes Presentation and Real Estate Brand Development Summit Forum”, co-hosted by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraisal of Shanghai E-House R&D Institute, was grandly held in Kunming on 19 September 2019. Given its mounting brand popularity and influence, Nimble Group stood in 3rd place amongst the “Best 10 of South China Real Estate Developers Brand Value”.

Conducted by China Real Estate Association and legally-registered China Real Estate Appraisal of Shanghai E-House R&D Institute with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, a series of brand value appraisals for China’s real estate developers have been run for 9 years in a row, being fairly professional and authoritative in the industry.

Nimble, according to information, has scooped this annual title three times in quick succession, which re-confirms the market affirmation and recognition to its brand value.

Stable progression being acknowledged, brand value shows continued uplift

The industry becoming more competitive and the property market growing bigger, the importance of a company’s brand is found rather more prominent. In such context, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraisal of Shanghai E-House R&D Institute have jointly undertaken the above-mentioned appraisal in 2019 by the integration of brand theory, value assessment theory and relevant research achievements.

This appraisal is understood to strive for further analysis and study on the operation of real estate companies and provide nurturing ideas and value models for deepening their brand strategy, hence improving their overall aptitude and brand quality, and facilitating a benign competition and healthy development of the sector.

(Snapshot of the event)

Following the pace of national new-type urbanization, Nimble has, over the past 21 years, worked steadily to realize a diversified and scaled development under the prospective vision and innovative philosophy, establishing a strategic market blueprint of prior consideration of the Pearl River Delta as its base, active integration into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and orderly expansion throughout the country. And it has so far triumphantly developed more than 100 boutique projects nationwide under the brand series of  brand series of and ser

(Reality image of Nimble Green Lake Residence in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province)

Since the outset of this year, Nimble has achieved soaring sales growth, with many of its masterpieces receiving a warm welcome at the market. Nimble Green Lake Residence in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou (Guangdong), an ideal home for first-time buyer and upgrader, has seen impressive gains in sales. Nimble Splendid Gulf City in Zhongshan (Guangdong), in reliance on its geographical advantages, has lured an awful lot of customers from both within and outside Guangdong. Zhaoqing Minjie City in Zhaoqing (Guangdong), due to its continuous delivery of quality housing items, has been well favored by the local. In addition, the recently-launched projects in Sichuan Province and Meizhou (Guangdong), with their unique oriental charm and Hakka features, have won in the marketplace.

(Rendering of Nimble Pearl Mansion in Changsha, Hunan Province)

Analysis indicates that Nimble, making progress while ensuring stability, has pursued a path of high-quality and sustainable development in recent years, with significant improvement in its comprehensive strength and brand value. The three-time award-winning record since 2017 has showcased, to the full extent, that the market gives not only high recognition to its powerful overall competitiveness and brand value, but also continuous affirmation to its stable progression.

Fulfill diversified development to create an ecosystem of the whole industry chain service

Nimble has emerged as a renowned comprehensive enterprise group countrywide after 21 years of consistent development, covering multiplex businesses of livelihood residential development, urban renewal, life service, hospitality and commercial operation, property leasing, cultural tourism development and quality education.

Up to now, Nimble’s businesses have spread to the key cities in the Pearl River Delta, Eastern and Western Guangdong, and over 29 cities in Hainan, Tianjin, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Henan, Guangxi and Inner Mongolia.

(Nimble’s footprints in the national market)

Nimble has, since 2018, made a strategic brand refresh to be a “comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns in a new era. And it will turn into a boutique-centric builder and a striver for better living experience, reinforce the three advantageous businesses of livelihood residence, construction engineering and life service, strengthen the integration and co-existence of multi-format and multi-supporting services in terms of hospitality, commerce and education, explore innovative models of cultural tourism, long-term rental apartment, urban renewal and smart home in a new era, thus setting up an ecosystem of the whole industry chain service for diversified development.

This year, Nimble will step up to the plate in the areas of hospitality, long-term rental apartment and cultural tourism, and team up with the universal hotel management giants Hilton and Marriot to build 6 starred hotels. And POSE, its long-term rental apartment brand officially released in Guangzhou, will serve more stylish youths with attitude and thought. Nimble Golden Coast, its major cultural tourism project, integrates upstream and downstream industrial resources, to fully back the Sailing and Windsurfing Preliminary Finals of the Second National Youth Games and assist in the establishment of all-for-one tourism in Hailing Island, Guangdong.

Walk into a new era and embark on a new journey. When looking forward, Nimble will forge ahead into the future, take the fulfillment of people’s need for a better life as its own responsibility in a new era, innovate a better way of urban life and increase residential well-being, so as to achieve the goals for regional economic growth, sustainable urban development and the people’s better life.