Fair Wind Sailing: Nimble Group Throws Its Weight Behind the ASAF Asian Windsurfing Championship 2019


Asian sailing – road to the dream in Yangjiang. During China’s National Day Golden Week, yet another international sports event, succeeding the well-hosted Sailing and Windsurfing Preliminary Finals of the Second National Youth Games in July, will kick off at Nimble Golden Coast in Hailing Island, Yangjiang, Guangdong.

The ASAF Asian Windsurfing Championship 2019 and National Kiteboarding Championship 2019 will be played from 5 until 12 October on the water of Nimble Golden Coast, a first-timer to stage an official windsurfing game at Asian level.

A surging scene

The ASAF Asian Windsurfing Championship, previously held in regions such as Jakarta (Indonesia) and Guangdong (China), is understood to be Asia’s largest windsurfing event, as well as the annual premier windsurfing competition in Asia and Asia-Pacific region, providing a learning and communication platform for the athletes from various Asian countries.

Some 300 ace players across Asia will flock to Nimble Golden Coast and be poised for self-challenge in the fierce races (windsurfing and kiteboarding) in 12 classes/disciplines – these are the numbers of the ASAF Asian Windsurfing Championship 2019 and National Kiteboarding Championship 2019, where over thousands of visitors and sports fans are expected to immerse themselves in such a top-class international sports extravaganza.

Snapshot of windsurfers

The tournament is hosted by the Asian Sailing Federation, Chinese Yachting Association, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Sports and Yangjiang Municipal People’s Government, organized by the Hailing Island Pilot Area Management Committee and Yangjiang Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau, co-organized by the Water Sports Association of Hailing Island, Yangjiang, and fully backed by Nimble Group.

Upholding the idea of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”, Nimble has made its very contribution to promoting with concrete actions the development of sports after July’s successful Sailing and Windsurfing Preliminary Finals of the Second National Youth Games, in response to the call of the “Healthy China Initiative” for the past few years. In addition, the lead-up to this competition being arranged in apple-pie order, there will be a marvelous sight of thousands of sailors catching the wind and tussling for the victory to look forward to, at Nimble Golden Coast this October.

Launching of the windsailing party

(Note: sources from the Organizing Committee of the Second National Youth Games; Location: Nimble Golden Coast)

Nimble Golden Coast, one of the major large-scale cultural tourism projects developed by Nimble, is chosen as the venue for this competition, sits on Hailing Island, and figures prominently in the Yangjiang-Government-supported national vacation resort for all-for-one tourism in Hailing Island, which integrates seafront leisure, business investment, and healthcare and residence. Furthermore, it has notched up the prizes of “2017 China Most Investment-Worthy Leisure Resort Properties”, “2018 Valuable Commerce” and “2018 China Outstanding List – Annual Brand Value Developments”.

Realistic image of Nimble Golden Coast

Drawing upon its exceptionally good marine resources, geographical and sea-breeze conditions for windsurfing and sailing, and extensive reception experience, this island is known to have so far run some big games, including the National OP Sailing Championship and Title Match, OP Sailing Preliminaries of the Thirteenth National Games, “Nimble Cup” OP Sailing and Windsurfing Preliminary Finals (Sports School Class) of the Second National Youth Games of the PRC and National Youth Windsurfing Championship, and National Youth OP Sailing Championship and Meisha Education National Youth Sailing League (Yangjiang Game) 2019.

Flipped Classroom and Knowledge Expansion


Windsurfing is a new hit on the shores, combining elements of sailing and surfing. The board consists of a centerboard at the bottom, and a mast, sail and boom connected with a universal joint. Powered by natural wind on the sail, the windsurfer stands firm on the board, steers the sail through the boom to make the valve gain enough speed to move forward over the water, and changes the center of wind force on the sail and that of gravity in the board to shift about. Deeming surfing as its progenitor, this water sport is also called windsailing and sailboarding.


With the kite harvesting wind energy in the air and transmitting the same to the kiteboarder via high-strength kite lines, the kiteboard is propelled across the water by such a large controllable kite, which the kiteboarder navigates to increase the wind power for the freedom of jumping off the water. Moreover, kiteboarding is to become an official competition event for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games after the confirmation made at the Annual General Meeting of World Sailing 2018.