Another 10 Million Yuan Donation: Nimble Group Sets Up a Fund for Coronavirus Fight


Nimble Group donated an additional 10 million yuan on 29 January subsequent to its initial giving of 3 million yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation 4 days ago, establishing a fund to fight the novel coronavirus. As such, it has racked up a donation of 13 million yuan for this anti-epidemic war.

The fund will provide money and various resources for the purchase of medical supplies and expression of solicitude to frontline medical professionals in virus-battling areas. Furthermore, it will act in unison with government watchdogs and philanthropies at all levels in delivery of assistance in anti-viral fight, based on epidemic situation and local demand.

Regarding the scarcity of medical resources at the epidemic’s forefront, an appeal for cooperation from any companies with relevant medical production capability, or companies, organizations or individuals with easy availability of such resources is being made by Nimble, who is willing to place bulk-buy orders for donation to epidemic-stricken regions and can be contacted through the WeChat official account "Nimble Group".

Nimble believes that prompting concerted efforts is the only passport to triumph over virus outbreak. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and party committees and governments at all levels, the whole nation will work together in one mind to win such epidemic war.