Nimble Helps Fight Epidemic with Haste | Having Donation to Wuhan Allocated and Two Batches of Medical Supplies to Xiaogan and Suizhou Delivered


Since the advent of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (“novel coronavirus”), the situation of epidemic-hit areas, including Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang, and Guangshui of Suizhou, has caused deep concern for Nimble Group who spares no pain to support the coronavirus fight through a prompt donation of funds or medical materials running low.

The local government is known to have recently earmarked the first Wuhan donation given by Nimble whose further-established anti-epidemic fund is set in train, with well-timed service of first batch of urgently-purchased medical supplies to Guangshui Municipal People's Hospital on 5 February and subsequent delivery of second batch to Xiaogan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital from 8 February.

First batch of Nimble-donated medical items made an early morning arrival at Xiaogan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital today

Nimble Group moved swiftly, on 25 January, to deposit to Wuhan Charity Federation the first 3 million yuan for the viral battle, received in full on the same day. Released by Wuhan Charity Federation a day later, the (Issue 1) Announcement on Donated Amount of Funds and Materials for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia acknowledged the full receipt of Nimble’s funding. And on 30 January, the federation’s 1st Announcement on Donation Usage for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia showed that, Nimble’s donation, among others, was well within the first set of public endowment, 788 million yuan in total, unifiedly deployed by Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters for allocation to newly-built isolation hospitals, designated medical institutions and district-wide prevention and control headquarters.

Announcements of Wuhan Charity Federation

Nimble committed another 10 million yuan to establish a fund for coronavirus fight on 29 January. However, Xiaogan and Suizhou, barring Wuhan, were facing an immediate shortage of medical items as the epidemic spread. Nimble, with knowledge of the circumstance, promptly contacted various charities and resources at home and abroad, such as Panyu (Guangzhou) Charity Association, and sparked a rush purchase of critical medical materials that virus-stricken areas were eager for via diversified sources and even globally, and timely dispatched them to the battlefront.

The first parcel of medical supplies donated by Nimble was delivered to Guangshui First People's Hospital on 5 February

On 5 February, the first parcel of medicine for treatment of diagnosed severe coronavirus cases, including 1000 boxes of oseltamivir phosphate granules-J, 1,000 pieces of interferon, 500 boxes of oseltamivir phosphate capsules, and 500 boxes of human immunoglobulin for intravenous injections arrived at Guangshui Municipal First People's Hospital, the designated treatment place in Guangshui of Suizhou. Whereafter, 5 ECG monitors, among the second parcel of medical supplies, were given prior delivery to Xiaogan Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the designated treatment point in Xiaogan on 8 February, while the remaining 46 medical sterilizers and 50 forehead thermometers that are locally short-supplied, much-needed medical facilities and devices will soon be transported to the hospital.

5 ECG monitors - the first bunch of Nimble-donated items to Xiaogan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

A rather severe epidemic has been looming over Xiaogan and Suizhou, with diagnosed cases piling up to 2,313 and 953 respectively as of 24:00 on 7 February, indicated by a circular of Health Commission of Hubei Province, posing a grave difficulty as well as a deficit of medical materials. As such, Xiaogan Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Guangshui Municipal First People's Hospital, both the designated treatment ones, are calling for huge consumption and demand of a wide range of medical items. The arrival of Nimble-donated medical supplies will partly be a useful buffer in time of need for the duo hospitals and help alleviate the epidemic ordeal of the two cities.

Nimble will expedite the procurement of medical supplies in short supply by resource integration and provide practical assistance to Hubei, in accordance with epidemic change, the company principal said. The latest news shows that the third batch of scarce medical supplies, with a mass of 84 Disinfectants accounted for, have left Guangzhou on 7 February to Huanggang’s 5 destinations, including Huangzhou District People's Hospital, Tuanfeng County People's Hospital and Wuxue Municipal First People's Hospital, and other batch orders tied up for speedy production will be dispatched in a double-quick and organized manner to Wuhan and other cities in Hubei.

Stay Strong, Wuhan! Stay Strong, Hubei! Stay Strong, China!