Dedicate Work With Heart, Forge Ahead With Charity: Nimble Foundation Comes Into Very Being


Along with the launch of a “Sunshine Over Countryside” program, the establishment of Nimble Foundation, under a theme of “Dedicate Work With Heart, Forge Ahead With Charity” was ceremonially announced in Guangzhou in the afternoon of 20 May.

(Glimpse of establishment scene)

The ceremony marked the inauguration of Guangdong Nimble Foundation (Nimble Foundation) which meanwhile activated the “Sunshine Over Countryside” program, the one aimed to offer educational (and financial) assistance to needy students in mountainous areas. Subsequently, the first project of that program - twinning and help for needy students in Wuhua County, Meizhou - accepted on-site donation. Nimble Group (Nimble)’s senior management and staff, the ceremony participants, pledged donations to help the students from poor families finish schooling.

From benevolent mind to charitable conduct, making with absolute sincerity a self-achievement can better help serve people. Being officially born, Nimble Foundation embarks on a new path of social welfare.

More Organized and More Efficient

Establishment of the Foundation

Board members of the foundation jointly unveiled the plaque for Guangdong Nimble Foundation, as witnessed by representatives from Nimble’s employee and volunteer sectors.

(Plaque unveiling by board members of the foundation)

A foundation flag was then presented by the representatives of the board to those of the volunteers.

(Volunteers took up the flag)

Released at the time of the ceremony by the foundation, a whole new logo, inspired by “heart” and brimmed with natural simplicity, incorporates well Nimble’s alphabet “N”. In addition, colors with vividness showcase the philosophy of the foundation on a basis that is to “Help Others to Help Themselves and Be Willing to Share”; and texts in solid grey reveal its determination in the building of a charitable community and creation of a harmonious society.

(Logo of the foundation)

Approved and headed by Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Nimble Foundation is a local non-public fundraising foundation. Under the concept of “Benevolent Mind, Charitable Conduct” and the vision of “Everyone Nurses Kindness and Everyone Practices Beneficence”, it fulfills the aspiration of “Promote the Development of a Harmonious Community With Concrete Action and Integrate Public Welfare Into Mass Society”, and calls on more people to dedicate to widely-available general welfare events, creating a better life.

Everyone can offer their benevolence, big or small. Actually, Nimble since its inception insistently plays a socially responsible role in the involvement in various philanthropic sectors of poverty alleviation, education assistance, orphan care, disability care, disaster relief, medical care, etc. In 2020, the aim of promotion in a more organized and efficient way of sound development of its general welfare undertakings has led to the founding of Nimble Foundation, which is a linchpin for Nimble to sustainable development of public welfare.

While looking ahead, the foundation will make continued efforts in important areas such as education, respect for the aged, cultural promotion and new rural construction, and spur on Nimble’s employees, caring householders and joint partners to contribute to the creation of a harmonious society.

Assist Needy Students to Achieve Their Dream of Earning an Education

Launch the Program of “Sunshine Over Countryside”

Following its establishment, the foundation will specialize in multiple public welfare programs on branding and serialization for educational (and financial) assistance to impoverished students in mountainous areas, development of school services and infrastructures, donation for library construction, elderly and child support, medical care, etc., introduced by the person in charge of the foundation at the ceremony. And the “Sunshine Over Countryside” program will certainly play big among those ones.

The program is intended to furnish educational (and financial) assistance, as well as twinning and help, to poor students in mountainous areas, for the purpose of facilitating them to complete successfully their studies and grow healthily. Given Wuhua, Meizhou being a key area for Nimble to targetedly alleviate poverty, the program’s first project of twinning and help has landed there.

During the launching ceremony of the program, Nimble's donor representatives provided to local impoverished students twinning and help by making the first batch of donation.

(Donation Representatives)

A first crop of 30 students who are from either families receiving minimum subsistence allowance or officially registered poverty-stricken households in Wuhua is understood to have received support of twinning and help. And a special fund, set up by Nimble for poverty reduction in Wuhua, provides financial support in an equal amount of this donation, committed by Nimble staff. Through this innovative fundraising mode, it is expected to encourage its employees and householders, and people from every walk of life to take part in caring for destitute students in mountainous areas and precise poverty alleviation.

Seeds being sown in the field, seedlings will carpet everywhere. The program symbolizes the original intention and attentive effort of Nimble to promote poverty alleviation for education, follows the vision of “bringing bright hope to destitute children”, and expects that the helped will plug away at their studies and achieve success to contribute themselves to more people in need.

Being the first project on twinning and help for needy students after the official establishment of the Nimble Foundation, it follows a pattern of twining and help to, hold a lot of attractions for the company’s employees, establish a family-like relationship with students from destitute families, timely organize interactive events of multiple kinds between the helpers and the helped, and continuously pay attention to, care about and lend a helping hand to their study and life, in a beneficent attempt to light up their future.

Philanthropy White Paper Makes Its Debut

Cumulative Donation Totals 800 Million

Officially unveiled on the day of the launching ceremony, Nimble Group Philanthropy White Paper 2019 shows the original intention of Nimble on public welfare, and its philanthropic events, rich in content and diversified in forms, for innovative exploration and active promotion of targeted poverty alleviation, elderly care, venture philanthropy, child care, etc. in 2019, as well as advocates for making charity a regular thing.

The measure of Nimble is not how much wealth it creates, but how much effort it makes toward the harmonious development between enterprise and society and between mankind and nature, Tan Bingzhao, honorary chairman of the group, once stated.

As a socially responsible enterprise for the past 22 years, Nimble has remained true to its original aspiration and devoted itself to a broad spectrum of philanthropy. From the donation and help for impoverished villages and educational aid to the regular caring for left-behind children, special children and elderly people of no family in mountainous areas, as well as from the “Joybus” program for rendering migrant laborers a buckshee trip back home for spring holidays to the targeted poverty alleviation in Wuhua with a great mass of manpower, material and financial resources, Nimblers have been everywhere to be found.

(Nimble in Education Assistance)

Helping fight COVID-19 with haste amid this special period, Nimble has established with a donation of 13 million yuan a fund to battle against epidemic, bulk-bought at home and abroad scarce medical supplies such as face mask, protective gown, respirator, hand sanitizer and disinfectant, and given all-out support to furnish them to Wuhan and Huanggang in Hubei Province and Guangzhou in Guangdong Province.

Dedicate work with heart and forge ahead with charity. Starting with a brand refresh and a new proposition of “Life Is Beautiful When Working With Your Heart” in early 2020, Nimble will strive to promote in an attentive and enthusiastic manner philanthropic development. Centered in Guangdong and spread across the country, Nimble has, up to now, marked its charity footprint in poverty alleviation, disaster relief, medical care, culture, sports, etc. with the total of donations coming to 800 million yuan.