Nimble Group Retains Its 13th Consecutive Title of “Top 20 Credit-Worthiness Property Developers in Guangdong”


Themed as “New Opportunities out of Crises, New Prospects in Changing Circumstances”, the Credit-Worthiness Property Finance Summit and the Award-Winning Ceremony for “The Nineteenth Top 20 Credit-Worthiness Property Developers in Guangdong (2020)” took place in Guangzhou in the afternoon of 10 July. The Guangdong Branches of ICBC, ABC, BOC and CCB, the four Chinese banking giants, released a joint announcement of the winning sides, where Nimble Group belonged again thanks to its stable financial management, honest corporate operation, sound growth momentum and favorable market reputation.  

Group shot of representatives of Nimble and other winners

With a 13-year streak of appearance on this awarding list, Nimble, whose sound capacity in credit-worthiness and financial management of innovation have achieved again wide acceptance by the public, has built up a strong image in terms of comprehensive strength and brand influence, according to reports.

Being a yardstick that Guangdong’s financial sector uses to evaluate overall strengths of local property developers in credit-worthiness, the award is announced yearly since 2001 by provincial branches of the forenamed banking behemoths. And the winners, subject to the principle of “Authority, Objectivity and Truth”, are shortlisted through the means of voluntary applications by enterprises and recommendations from banks, and further under the processes of information check, preliminary assessment, verification and final appraisal. And this year has marked the 19th run of the award in a row.

Nimble was honored as one of the “Top 20 Credit-Worthiness Property Developers in Guangdong”

It is reported that the appraisal criteria for the award, indexed to some 100 assessment items encompassing corporate financial status, relevant authority evaluation, homeowner satisfaction and cooperative organization satisfaction, in terms of asset, credit and prospect, are deemed as a full investigation on overall financial positions and development strengths of property developers. Therefore, the appraisal results will be under the spotlight of relevant authorities, domestic and overseas investors, financial institutions and masses of real estate companies.

Snapshot of Credit-Worthiness Property Finance Summit

After 22 years of consistent development, Nimble has transformed into a famed comprehensive enterprise group across the country, covering pluralistic businesses of livelihood residential construction, constructional engineering, life service, hospitality development, commercial operation, quality education, cultural tourism, long-term rental apartment, urban renewal and smart home. Staying abreast with the national new-type urbanization, Nimble has since the turn of this year further developed in the Pearl River Delta, actively participated in the construction of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, set its footprint in urban agglomerations of the Yangtze River Delta and steadily expanded to the whole country. And more than 100 elite developments in over 30 cities have so far been successfully developed and operated nationwide.

Reality image of Yangjiang Nimble Golden Coast

Work to perfection, for enjoyment of dwelling aesthetics. Nimble has always adhered to the brand proposal of “Life Is Beautiful When Working With Your Heart” and created livelihood residential products with high quality and great cost-effectiveness, to the satisfaction of dwellers in pursuit of a better life. Looking forward to the future, it will keep pace with the state new-type urbanization, while developing itself in a high quality manner, to set up a diversified ecosystem of the whole industry chain service, so as to drive the upgrade of a better life for people and vitalize urban development.