Min Yangyang, the Brand-New IP Figure Debuts for Nimble Group


For five days straight,

through three teaser clips

and one 15-second countdown timer clothed in mystique,

WeChat Moments of people in Guangzhou have been flooded with

a familiar but hidden image,

leading to an upsurge in public curiosity.

Early this morning,

this heatedly-discussed mystery figure unveils its status

as an idol gifted with sheer cuteness and strength.

Indeed, thanks to its striking look and air of charming naivety,

many passers-by pause to say hi.

Main visual image of Min Yangyang

Hello, my name is Min Yangyang

Well crafted for more than 130 days, the brand-new intellectual property (IP) figure of Nimble Group marks its debut today, opening its first big show.

ID card of Min Yangyang

It goes by the name of Min Yangyang, with a birthplace in Guangzhou. Cleverly picked by the Nimblers for naming purpose, the Chinese character “yang (羊, literally, ram)” is reminiscent of not only the cultural genesis of Guangzhou nicknamed “Yang Cheng (羊城, literally, City of Rams)” but also the resemblance to “zang lingyang (藏羚羊, literally, Tibetan antelope)” being a fast runner, and has a homophonic pronunciation with the English word “young (literally, be full of vigor)” and “yang (洋)” of “xiqi yangyang (喜气洋洋, literally, be radiant with joy)”. In addition, surnamed “min (敏)”, the first Chinese Character of “Minjie Jituan (28杠游戏_28杠_28杠游戏, literally, Nimble Group)”, this IP figure is coined a catchy, styled full name, carrying a youthful and amiable creativity that the company is associated with.

Image of Min Yangyang

In the train of a brand refresh at this year onset, another people-friendly new IP figure, by Nimble’s taking attentive work as its principle and striving for the goal of a better life, has come into being, which stamps a further interpretation on the brand proposition of “Life Is Beautiful, When Working With Your Heart” to lead to an impetus toward a better life and a new high standard for the company itself.

Various patterns of Min Yangyang

Inspiration From the City of Rams Where Dream Starts

With twinkling black eyes, pointed red ears, ruddy cheeks and chubby stomach, this newly-born figure adorably captures the quintessence of smartness, kindness and vitality. And backward-curved horns and fluffy cloud-like bangs are a lovely addition to its already approachable and pleasant image, striking the public’s eye prior to its debut.

A Tibetan antelope, plateau-native, with long horns, sturdy posture and bright eyes, is a byword for steadiness, low profile, swiftness and perseverance in the animal world. And there is a perfect fit between its character of indomitableness, tenacity and self-respect and the people’s impression for Nimble’s 22 years of low-key, steady development. The spirit of the company, "Quick Thinking, Rapid Action" is very much in line with that of Tibetan antelope representing health and willpower.

On the other hand, Guangzhou – Yang Cheng (i.e. City of Rams) – is not only the place where Nimble started a business, but also the cornerstone that it relies on while forging steadily ahead. In the process of promoting shared growth and happiness with the city, Nimble hopes its brand IP could bear more "city imprints", thus using reduplicated characters, Min Yangyang, will assign itself and the city a meaning of diversity, youth, innovation and fun.

Within the visual image (VI) system of Nimble’s brand, nimbleness-red and steadiness-gray are taken as the main tone of this goat-like figure who has red body, grayish-white belly and sleek lines.

(1)Nimbleness-Red: the body, mainly colored with red that symbolizes youth, enthusiasm and vitality, matches with the VI logotype of the company’s brand.

(2)Steadiness-Gray: the color endows the figure with alertness and capableness, who behaves wise while acting cute.

Standard colors of Min Yangyang

Cross-Field Innovation to Keep Our Mind Young

The official launch of the company’s new IP figure is yet another important brand strategy, following its brand upgrade.

The beginning of this year has marked the emergence of Nimble’s new branding strategy of "Life Is Beautiful, When Working With Your Heart", getting the glare of publicity. Behind such strategy lies a sincere commitment for youth and innovation that Nimble has always kept in an effort to raise with cross-border thinking the quality and service standards to all products, thus proving its attentive dedication to the city, residents and quality over the years.

Founded in Guangzhou in 1993, Nimble has now become a comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns in a new era. In addition, being in its prime for over 20 years, the company has continued to innovate and hence set up a diversified ecosystem of the whole industry chain service: consolidating the three major advantageous businesses of livelihood residential quality, smart construction engineering and smart property management; driving coordinated development of hospitality, commerce operation, education and other diversified businesses; and regarding cultural tourism, long-term rental apartment, urban renewal and smart home as its new leverage point for business, so as to vitalize urban development and create a better new life for people.

Nimble’s dwellers enjoy their Life

With its birth, Min Yangyang will act as a primary vehicle and “spokesperson” for brand communication of Nimble, not only giving the brand a more youthful and amiable meaning, but also further showcasing the corporate spirit and brand proposition of "Life Is Beautiful, When Working With Your Heart”. On the way toward innovation, it will play a fine role as the conduit between the company and all walks of life, including property owners, customers and strategic partners, and adhere to the brand concept, "Heart Aesthetics", of "Original Aspiration, Ingenuity, Empathy, Joy, Benevolence and Rectitude" to unfold Nimble’s fine qualities in a more diversified manner.

Spoiler: Min Yangyang Has a Lot On, Its Schedule Being "Full"

Next, Min Yangyang, as the “public face” of the company, will hold a leading "position". Anecdotally, starting from 18 August 2020, it will appear countrywide in all Nimble’s communities and marketing centers, as well as in mass media company headquarters, where it will interact closely with property owners, customers and media persons.

What important moves will Min Yangyang, the soon-to-be new official, take? And what kind of chemistry between it and the public will be seen? Stay tuned to the WeChat official account of “Nimble Group” for more information on the upcoming events.

Big Gifts: Here Comes Min Yangyang

Following the WeChat official account of Nimble Group, forwarding this article to the Moments, collecting 50 likes and then sending a screenshot message of such collection to the conversational interface of the official account, a lucky dog who earns the 1st, 8th, 18th, 38th, 58th, or 88th place (in the sequence of message sending time) will be rewarded a Min Yangyang Debut Gift Pack worth 818 yuan, including a hotel room voucher for Nimble Mu Place worth 599 yuan, a power bank, a notebook, a travel mug, a pendant plush toy, a mouse pad, a set of creative stickers and a debut memento card. And the winning list will be announced this Thursday (20 August 2020). So get moving!

Debut Gift Pack